• Objective and Scope 

This Corporate Responsibility Policy has been prepared to ensure that İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE personnel act in the best interest of the company and comply in full with the codes of conduct, which have been established according to company values, responsibilities and priorities. The Ethical Regulations cover all İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE personnel. 

  • Application 

  • 2.1 Second Job 

What the personnel do in their free time after work is their concern. Nevertheless, İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE, does not allow its personnel to engage in activities that affect their performance and endanger their jobs. 

  • 2.2 Gains 

Gifts, tips and services with monetary values are described as “Gains”. 

  • No personnel or their relatives shall be involved with competitors, suppliers or any other company with whom İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE has business in order to acquire direct or indirect gains. 
  • Personnel shall not be owners or partners of a company with whom İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE does business. 
  • No personnel shall ask for free favors from a company with whom İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE does business, either for themselves or on behalf of their acquaintances. 
  • Company information, products and/or programs shall not be used or offered to third parties for personal interests. 
  • 2.3 Gifts and Tips 

  1. Personnel shall not accept money, sample products or gifts not commensurate with their salaries from a person or establishment that does or want to do business with İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE.
  2. Personnel shall be obligated to warn management about any suspicious activity. 
  3. Gifts received on holidays and for the New Year shall be considered to have been given to the company. The Head Office shall determine the way in which the gifts will be used. 
  4. Dinner invitations from companies with whom İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE does business may be accepted, provided that they are related to business 
  • 2.4 Actions against the Law  

The following actions by the personnel shall result in their immediate dismissal: 

  1. Bringing weapons, explosives or combustible materials to the workplace. 
  2. Removing company property from the workplace without written permission from the department head 
  3. Damaging the property of the company or the personnel of the company on purpose. 
  4. Falsifying, changing, destroying or disposing company reports or records, or helping someone carry out these actions. 
  5. Being a member of an illegal organization.
  • 2.5 Inappropriate Use of Confidential Information 

  1. All personnel are required to know that all financial and commercial information regarding İŞLER PRES AUTOMOTIVE is private and confidential. 
  2. Personnel are absolutely not allowed to discuss this information except when it is needed to properly perform their duties. 
  3. With the exception of the person or persons appointed by the company, no other personnel are allowed to disclose company information to any members of the press or hold a meeting with them concerning these matters. 
  4. Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information 

All types of trade, vocational or technical information acquired by personnel as a result of carrying out their duties and responsibilities at the workplace is considered confidential. Company personnel are not allowed to provide information to third parties regarding the aforementioned matters without permission from upper management. 

> Financial Data 

> Personnel Information 

> Marketing Strategies 

> Technological know-how the employer has obtained through domestic or foreign agreements 

> Customer Information 

> Other information that may not be in the inte